I have a business idea and that is space tourism.

Space tourism is a recently successful commercial business concept.

Space tourism means you will be taken to space, allowing you to explore Zero Gravity and weightlessness, and you can see the beautiful Earth from space.

Countries like United States Russia and China have already started International Space Station project and United States is Keen on making money by commercialising and promoting space tourism . India don’t have International Space Station and has to go a long way to initiate space tourism.

My business idea is space tourism and making it cheaper for developing countries like India and making money out of it, which can raise our country’s economy.

Like how Abdul Kalam Vision India to be a superpower and letters all Vision India as a superpower in space tourism and space research by 2025 by giving life to this business idea.

Let us quickly check how space tourism can be implemented in India. Let us corporate with the Indian Space Research Organisation and the government and initiate and encourage private companies to work on space research and bring massive awareness among the students and young minds.

As the idea changes, the world hopes this business idea of bringing in space tourism, a commercial one and a cheaper one in India latest, will bring a considerable difference and positive impact in India.

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